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Welding Helmets

Auto-darkening? PAPR? Viewing Area? What's important when choosing your welding helmet? 

At Truflame safety is paramount to our business and we work hard to provide the very best products to ensure the safety of yourselves and your employees. We stock a range of market-leading welding helmets with advancing technology to provide the best protection for the welder. Whether a hobbyist or an experienced welder we have the protective equipment for your needs. Stocking market leaders ESAB and Optrel on protective welder masks and respiratory protection. 


Thinking about a PAPR system, discover why they are so important here: "The importance of PAPR system?" 

Still unsure on what welding helmet you need? Get in touch with one of our sales team, who'll help you discover the perfect welding mask for your needs. Contact us

More about welding helmets

From HSE's announcement strengthening enforcement expectations for all welding fumes, all businesses should ensure effective controls are put in place to correctly control fume from welding applications including mild steel welding fume which is why many are choosing to invest in PAPR packages, units or air available welding helmets. Using a PAPR system while welding is a must to increase protection against welding fumes and should be worn while welding including welding mild steel

A powered Air-purifying Respirator (PAPR) is a type of personal protective equipment. A wearable motor-driven respirator, that actively filters the air from the workplace that could include hazardous particles and delivers this to the operator through a hood/helmet.


PAPR systems are air-purifying respirator that uses a blower to force the air through air-purifying elements to the inlet covering. These systems genuinely include a blower unit, filter, battery, breathing tube and headgear. Within the PAPR system, the air is cleanly filtered which is then driven into the filter and mask which safeguards your workers against contaminated air.

We also stock a range of respiratory equipment and spares for your welding helmets. 

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