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Hi-Lo UK Two-stage elite is part of the Made in Britain range with 2 years warranty, manufactured under BS EN ISO 9001 and confroms to BS EN ISO 2503. 

Two-stage regulators are two single-stage regulators in one that operate to reduce the pressure progressively in two stages. The first stage, which is preset, reduces the pressure of the supply gas to an intermediate stage; gas at that pressure passes into the second stage. The gas now emerges at a pressure (working pressure) set by the pressure-adjusting control knob attached to the diaphragm. Two-stage regulators have two safety valves for added protection. A major objection to the single-stage regulator is the need for frequent torque adjustment. if the supply pressure falls, the outlet pressure increases, necessitating torque adjustment. In the two-stage regulator, there is automatic compensation for any drop in the supply pressure. Single-stage regulators may be used with pipelines and cylinders. Two-stage regulators are used with cylinders and manifolds. Two-staged regulators are recommended for applications that require a constant outlet pressure for the life of a gas cylinder.


Having single or two-stage regulators, not sure what you need? We can help, with the difference between single-stage and two-stage gas regulators.  

    Two Stage Elite

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