Rail Equipment

At Truflame we specialise in rail equipment being a supplier to network rail, we have high quality and comprehensive range of equipment. A leading specialist in supporting the rail industry and providing full testing and repair service. 

Over the years we have earned a well-deserved and enviable reputation as one of the UK's most well known and respected welding suppliers, this is due in part to our quality of service and prompt turnaround when it comes to repairs. We also offer an outstanding inspection, testing and calibration service of oxy-fuel gas equipment for the rail industry. All the work is undertaken in house by our trained and certified staff using our own specialist testing facilities. 

We have built up a wealth of expertise and specialist knowledge in the supply of both equipment and consumables to the rail industry. Including rail heaters, rails cutters, regulators and accessories. 

Trujet 500 Rail Heater specifically design for the rail industry.

Trujet 500 Stainless Steel rail heater 500mm Burner

With the ever-increasing demand for higher pre-heat temperatures in new and modern materials, Truflame have developed the new Trujet 500 Rail Heater. In its standard format, this heater will produce a pre-heat temperature of 500°C in well under 5 minutes and offers a saving on usable gas of approximately 50% when compared to our Standard rail heaters. 

TCT Rail saw - rapid rail saw and drilling machine.

TCT Rail Saw

The Patented RAPID RAIL SAWING AND DRILLING MACHINE is now available as a Hydraulically powered rail maintenance kit. This kit is made up of the Rapid Rail Sawing Machine and the Rapid Rail Precision Drilling Machine. The set has been specifically developed to make the job of rail cutting & drilling user-friendly and accurate - whilst keeping the machine light and easy to transport.