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Rail Equipment

Truflame specialises in rail equipment and supplies a high-quality and extensive range of equipment to network rail. We're a leading specialist in supporting the rail industry and providing full testing and repair service. 

We are a well-known and respected welding supplier in the UK. Our reputation is earned through our quality service and quick repairs. We also offer an outstanding inspection, testing and calibration service of oxy-fuel gas equipment for the rail industry. Our certified staff undertakes all work in-house using specialist testing facilities to ensure repair and maintenance is complete.

​We have built expertise and specialist knowledge in the supply of both equipment and consumables to the rail industry. Specialising in ensuring you have the right rail welding equipment for your welding methods. At Truflame, we offer various pandrol welding and thermit welding tools. For example rail cutters, pre-heaters, welding wire, and rail kits.

Additionally, with the launch of our PPE Suite, we've brought in a full range of PPE. Rail approves to ensure your complete protection during rail welding processes.

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