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About Us

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Vision: To  help industry create a better future for people with sustainability, safety and longevity in mind. 
Misson: To be an environmentally friendly, sustainable and profitable business while maintaining customer satisfaction and employee growth. 

Family-owned and operated business

Quality with knowledge

Aiming to be more environmentally friendly 

Supporting the community

Over 50 years of experience 

Planned / Contract maintenance

Why Truflame? 

Truflame welding equipment Ltd is a family fun business that was first established in 1968. When we first began all those years ago torch repairs were at the centre of our business, since then we’ve gone from strength to strength. Now operating over a dozen franchise agreements with the major suppliers of welding equipment and consumables in the UK. For the last 25 years, Truflame have resided in a purpose-built development in the heart of Sheffield’s prominent industrial hamlet on Newhall Road.


With advanced technology and ultra-modern manufacturing techniques, we can offer you the most reliable, heavy duty and hardwearing products. Also, the confidence that you are dealing with a market leader when it comes to safety. We have extensive knowledge and over 50 years of experience when it comes to the supply and repair of a whole range of welding equipment. We've developed a dedicated service and repair department that works with kit from up and down the UK. Earning us a well-deserved and enviable reputation as one of the UK’s most well-known and respected welding suppliers, this is due in part to our quality of service and prompt turn around when it comes to repairs. Having a dedicated service centre for the repair, calibration and service of all manner of welding equipment and associated products. Also supplying a wide variety of spare parts including rectifiers, wire feed motors, water cooler pumps and printed circuit boards.


At Truflame we are passionate about improving our carbon footprint and helping the community around us. Continually creating new ideas that can help our staff, community, and the planet around us in mental, physical and environmentally friendly ways. To step towards our goal of being more sustainable we plan to become a fully electric fleet over the course of the next ten years. Implementing electric vehicles is important and have begun the process of adding electric and hybrid vehicles to our fleet with several sales executive cars and delivery vans already in place. Learn more about what we have planned to lower our carbon footprint

Our electric chargers for our fleet of sales.

We are also working with two charities to help improve the community. Street Friends, is a group of volunteers that enjoy helping others. They are passionate about offering support to people on the streets that may be homeless or struggling, especially during the pandemic. As well as Muscular Dystrophy UK a charity bringing individuals, families and professionals together to fight muscle-wasting conditions.

Street Friends Charity for homeless on the streets of South Yorkshire
Joscar Registered Truflame Welding Equipment.

Truflame Welding Equipment are JOSCAR registered, JOSCAR (the Joint Supply Chain Accreditation Register) is a collaborative tool used by the aerospace, defence and security industry to act as a single repository for

pre-qualification and compliance information.


Truflame Welding Equipment was first established in 1968 becoming one of the UK's most well-known and respected welding equipment supplier. 


On the 18th January 1982 Truflame became incorporate, incorporation is the process by which a new or existing business registers as a limited company. 


Truflame moved to a purpose-built development in the heart of Sheffield's industrial hamlet on Newhall

Road, where we are based to this day. We decided to develop this building to fit our needs as

Truflame moved forward from only specialising in the service and repair of gas welding and cutting

equipment to supplying a wide range of industrial equipment. Through this we have developed an

onsite training facility used by our customers, we offer all manner of on and off-site training in gas

equipment safety, testing and calibration. With this, focused on offering in-house MMA, MAG and

TIG welder training with ongoing support and technical backup for our extensive range of consumable

products. On our Sheffield site, we have a purpose-built warehousing facility with over 7500ft of

storage space. This gives us the ability to house all the required products and ever-changing industry demands. 

Truflame house being built
Truflame house being built in 1997
Truflame old logo being built
Truflame house warehouse being built


In 2003 we began a partnership with Network rail supplying products and consumables via Unipart Rail and supplying a considerable range of products directly through their various purchasing departments. Actively involved in the development of products such as a range of ancillary products for the BV1000 unit including the BV1000 rail heaters and humidity control case. Truflame has in our portfolio two rail shears for the profiling of aluminothermic welds and a full range of rail heaters marketed and sold throughout the world. We operated the national contract for calibration of gas welding and cutting equipment to Cal501 and Cal411 on behalf of Network Rail and many of the main infrastructure contractors. 


Having a secondary manufacturing facility based on the outskirts of York, called Centeng which has more than 50 years of experience and knowledge of the industry here we can offer bespoke products with an express turnaround on special customer related requirements.

Cutting Torches Manufacturing at centeng


Machine for manufacturing in Centeng

Fast-forwarding to 2016 we hosted our first TruFab event at Truflame House – this was created to allow our customers to see suppliers and products available first-hand. In our first year, we had around 25 of our suppliers supporting us. The event is now hosted every two years and becomes South Yorkshire’s Largest Welding, Fabrication and Rail show.  TruFab is to preview and trial new products, launches and demonstrations. Giving us the ability to widen our customer base through this two-day event.


Carbon Footprint:

In April we released our plan to lower our carbon footprint, including installing electric charging points for our vehicles and expanding on these to a full fleet of electric vehicles in the next 10 years. As well as ensuring our purpose built property on Newhall road had solar panels that will be continued and updated throughout 2022. We also planned within the next 10 years to produce a Zen garden for our employees to enjoy encouraging positive impacts on mental health, lower stress levels and decrease the chances of burnout.


Rail Live 2021

Events returned! We were so excited to return to events in June 2021 and our team Russ and Travis headed out to Rail Live where they showcased our Rail Saw and promoted the Optrel PAPR mask with our rep to gather information and interest in these high-quality products.

Partnering With Buse Gas.

June was an exciting month, we officially partnered with Buse Gas creating a TruGas section of Truflame. Specifically designed to focus on the rental of gas cylinders in and around Sheffield. With this partnership, we hired a gas sales specialist, Chris Lee. Has the knowledge and experience to provide high-quality information for our customers and future customers giving quality with knowledge and competitive pricing where possible.


We also sent one of our loyal employee Chris Parkin to get an HGV licence to allow us to carry more cases and increase our truck from Buse Gas.


With this development, we decided there was an angle we could take for gas rental that our competitors hadn’t taken advantage of. Designing and implementing our TruGas mobile app targeted specifically for our gas users to order and return gas cylinders at the click of a button creating less paperwork, fewer missed orders and a more simple way of ordering for both our customers and delivery driver. Since February 2021 this has been in the pipework with design meetings, in-depth customer journey plans and eventually manufacturing from a third party. We launched our app in August to begin trailing these with a set number of ten customers to get used to order and discover any bugs within the coding and set this straight before launching the app fully.

Rail Live 2021 set up rail saw
Rail Live 2021 set up
Chris Parkin passes his HGV Licence


App Development:

Late last year (2021) we launched our first version of the Truflame app targeted at our gas customers to provide a simple and efficient way of reordering their rented gas cylinders. We noticed there’s a gap in the market to provide gas customers with a better way to order. So, we got to work creating TruGas working with an app development company we launched and set up a trial with top 10 customers where Molly and Chris Lee went out and showed our customers how to use this and why it would be perfect for them. After a week of use, we found users were requesting to order everything from there. Adding all our products was already in mind for the middle of 2022 but due to the success, we pushed this forward and began developing this month to have the ability to add multiple categories including abrasives, consumables and bigger equipment like machines with custom pricing to suit each customer.


Solar Panel Delivery

On the 10th of February, we received our next installation of Solar panels to continue our journey to lower our carbon footprint. Over 226 panels will be added to half of our roof. Following on from the delivery of our solar panels, we began preparations for the installation of these on our main building at Truflame House. In March 2022 we added 180 panels to the other half of our roof. Allowing us to produce our electricity for our main office including car charging points and our service building. The electricity generated by this new installation will now fulfil our complete electricity usage every year for the whole of the business.

When did our journey begin?
Lowering our carbon footprint has been a passion and target for our MD Chris for a while. The ball was set in motion with our waste segregation. We then moved forward with our first fleet of electric cars. Including installing charging points, we were well on the way.

We are passionate about helping our colleagues, community and the planet around us. But we know our industry can have many aspects that affect the environment, so we are trying to do our bit.


 PPE Showroom

We’ve now started a new development process within Truflame to expand.  Adding a whole other floor to our showroom which will be specifically focused on PPE. With this, we’ve added two PPE specialists to our team to share the great partnerships we have with market leaders when it comes to personal protective equipment. To start this process, we stripped out our conference room and an upstairs office to provide the space. Removed years of photos and our old red carpet from the floor before a specialist came in to knock through the floor to our showroom. Having a local fabricator make our stairs and other local business come into plaster, paint and create a safe space for our PPE. We now have a new floor to try, browse and buy your workwear, safety gear and footwear.

Truflame house instal of solar panels
Truflame house instal of solar panels in place
PPE showroom in progress
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