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Hi-Lo UK has created a Made In Britain range of Single-stage elite regulators manufactured under BS EN ISO9001 and conforms to BS EN ISO 2503.

In single-stage regulators, high-pressure gas from the supply enters the regulator through the inlet valve. The gas enters the boy of h regulators, which need valve controls. The pressure rises, pushing the diaphragm closing the inlet valve to which it is attached and preventing more gas from entering the regulator. The outlet side is fitted with a pressure gauge. As gas is drawn from the outlet side, the pressure inside the regulator body falls. The diaphragm is pushed back by the spring and the valve opens, letting more gas in from the supply until equilibrium is reached between the outer pressure and the spring. The outlet pressure, therefore, depends on the spring force which can be adjusted using an adjustment handle or knob. 

Having single or two-stage regulators, not sure what you need? We can help, with the difference between single-stage and two-stage gas regulators. 

Single Stage Elite

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