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Lighting Equipment 

Keep your work bright with Truflame’s range of lighting equipment, which includes work lights, site lights, head torches, and inspection lights. You need robust, durable, and bright to keep you going during your darker jobs, we’re working with Unilite to make that happen!


We stock our range of LED lighting equipment, cased in portable tough nylon polymer casing with features to ease your needs. Struggling for placement during a tricky job but need the light? Unilite has manufactured and designed some of its lights with a 180° rotating magnetic base/stand with an IP65 rating ensuring strong ingress against both dust and water. To make it easy to put in place and will survive your day-to-day work!


Work lights are built tough from incredibly durable materials like aircraft grade aluminium and ABS being high IP rating lights with ranges of useful features such as hanging hooks and tripod mounting holes in lights allow you to position the lights high up for a long wide flood light.🔦

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