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Safety Boots

At Truflame, we pride ourselves on stocking market leaders when it comes to safety. Finding the right boots is an important part of our industry. Including Steel blue, a market leader when it comes to safety footwear. As well as our brand new brand TuffKing with a special introductory offer now available - The oldest manufacturer of safety boots and trainers. We know your feet are an important tool in your workday, so comfort and protection are essential. Not choosing the right footwear can cause discomfort, distraction and pain.


Working with brands that manufacture boots to last but pride themselves on comfort. You wouldn't compromise with your industry so, why compromise on safety boots?


With our range of footwear, they’ll be durable and comfortable throughout your day. Not only are we stocking popular steel blue but other market leaders of safety boots. Including Portwest, BeeSwift and others available. Our team can help you find the right ones for your needs.


Next working day delivery depends on stock.

    Shipping to mainland UK*

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