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Truflame improving carbon footprint

Updated: Jun 7, 2023

Here at Truflame, we have been passionate about lowering our carbon footprint for several years and are continuing to create new ideas that can help our staff, community, and the planet around us in mental, physical, and environmentally friendly ways.

Within our industry, a fleet of vans is a necessity to ensure our customers get their products as quickly and efficiently as possible, especially when supplying industries such as rail and medical. This is why we decided that implementing electric vehicles is important and have begun the process of adding electric and hybrid vehicles to our fleet, we have several sales executive cars and delivery vans already in place. We hope Truflame will be a fully electric fleet over the course of the next ten years. Electric vehicles have a positive effect on the environment as they help to reduce air pollution from exhaust emissions.

Truflame Welding Electric Cars Charging Ports
Truflame Welding Equipment Electric Vehicles Charing Ports

Also at Truflame house our purpose-built building based on Newhall Road Sheffield, we have invested in solar panels. Solar panels are a renewable energy source that can be harnessed in all areas of the world and this form of energy does not emit any pollutant into the atmosphere when produced or consumed.

Throughout the next five to ten years we are working towards a full fleet of all-electric vehicles to ensure we continue to lower our carbon footprint. As well as producing a Zen garden for our employees to enjoy some relaxation time, to work on improving their mental well-being. Encouraging positive mental health is extremely important throughout the workplace to discourage burnout, stress-related illnesses, and other mental health issues. We are hoping this will also encourage environmentally friendly behaviours such as the growth of plants, trees, or shrubs. Finally, we are working towards dramatically reducing our plastic use to more environmentally friendly options, working with our suppliers to improve not only on our packaging but those of wider businesses where possible.

Working with FedEx for the majority of our shipping needs, who are equally as committed to improving their carbon footprint as ourselves. FedEx is committed to providing global connections while minimizing our environmental impact and have created several environmental goals to battle their high amounts of aircraft and vehicle fuel consumption to pursue fuel efficiency programs.

Within the welding industry, many aspects affect the environment causing air pollution. Welding fume largely consists of oxides that are formed from oxygen mixing with the metal substances that are vaporized at high temperatures during the welding process. When TIG welding fewer fumes are produced compared to MIG welding including lower ozone and nitrogen oxides which is why tig welding is a more environmentally friendly welding process. But comes with increased operating costs and a higher skill set required. Although swapping from Mig welding to tig welding isn't always practical there are other options to consider when trying to be more environmentally friendly, trying to use the lowest amperage possible whilst ensuring it's effective enough to weld the joint together. Due to the lower amperage and voltage, they can be fewer welding fumes than higher voltage settings.

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