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From Humble Beginnings to Industrial Excellence: Truflame Welding Equipment

Truflame Welding Equipment, first established in 1968 by Stephen Gavins originated from humble beginnings. In a Handsworth garage with a modest £50 investment to kick start the dreams of the local barber.


Financial constraints and strategic moves marked the journey. This has been instrumental in shaping the company into a lasting presence within the welding industry. The initial capital, while minimal, symbolises the entrepreneurial spirit that kick-started our foundation. It reflects a dedication to the craft and a vision that went beyond financial constraints.


As mentioned, Stephen was a mobile barber before jumping into the welding industry. This part of his early career helped him find a unique edge to create Truflame. Stephen was on the road cutting hair for CEOs within the Sheffield steel industry. He noticed a gap in the market for repair of their equipment.


In conversations during hair cutting, the issues of broken regulators and faulty cutting torches arose. This created the evolution from a mobile hairdresser to a welding equipment specialist. The decision to fill a gap in the market helped to lay the foundation for future success.


Since then, Truflame Welding has transitioned through three locations. From a garage in Handsworth to Attercliffe Common. Then settling in a purpose-built establishment on Newhall Road.


Each relocation marked a strategic step in accommodating growth. Evolving from a two-person operation to a team of three to four individuals and to now operating with around 25 employees.

Truflame house with new signage

Where did “Truflame” come from?


The name "Truflame," is derived from the precision required in setting up the flame of a cutting nozzle. It encapsulates the company's dedication to excellence.


Old Truflame Welding Equipment logo

Our current MD, Andrew Dungworth (who you can read more about his journey through Truflame here.) designed and modified our current logo around 2014. The decision to rebrand was brought forward to reflect the modern changes in the community and how we had grown. Including introducing “Quality with knowledge.” To reflect our position of finding quality equipment with the knowledge to back it up.


Truflame Welding Equipment Logo

The design of the logo was created in the image of a headnut of a cutting torch that retains the nozzle, which reflects the origin of the name created by Stephen Gavins.


What do we believe in? 


To help industry create a better future for people with sustainability, safety and longevity in mind.


Our CEO Chris Gavins strongly believes in improving the sustainability of our industry. Passionate about lowering our carbon footprint throughout his time as MD. This continues to be a massive goal for Truflame. Creating new ideas that can help our staff, community, and the planet around us.


Sustainability has been part of Truflame since the very beginning. When we introduced the repair of gas equipment and cutting torches for the steel industry. Since then we have developed many projects that have been part of our plan to lower our carbon footprint. Read more about our plan here.


At Truflame we know the importance of ensuring the safety of all our customers within our industry. With advanced technology and ultra-modern manufacturing techniques. We can offer you the most reliable, heavy-duty and hardwearing products. Also, the confidence that you are dealing with a market leader when it comes to safety.


From humble beginnings to industrial excellence. Truflame welding equipment has grown from strength to strength over the years.  Never lost the vision of what Truflame is all about. Now with over 50 years of experience, quality with knowledge, supporting the community and a family-owned business. We’re still here on Newhall Road.

Truflame Welding Equipment house with solar panels

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