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From Van driver to Managing Director – Andrew Dungworth

. Helping Truflame aspire to help industry create a better future for people with sustainability, safety and longevity in mind. With his 20-year anniversary around the corner, we wanted to shine the spotlight on his journey.


The Timeline:

Andrew Dungworth with Truflame Welding Equipment van driving

In 2004, Andy came on board with Truflame as a van driver after leaving the print industry behind to tackle welding head-on. Smartly dressed in a shirt and tie he tackled deliveries up and down the country. Where he occasionally had a furry companion, Charlie the company dog, helping him make his deliveries to our customers. 


Although he believed his career at Truflame would be quickly over after a delivery mishap.  Taking out a delivery, one of the doors came open on the truck and started shedding the load up the motorway. Without realising this was happening Andy carried on with deliveries. When a member of the public notified Truflame that this had happened. Andy came back to the office with panic in his voice!


From Van driving, he moved to sales after getting taught the basics of welding by the company secretary at the time, Terry. To gain more knowledge in the products he was delivering and beginning to sell. He helped to service and develop existing customers around the area.


His earliest memory of welding was with his dad. Oxy-acetylene welding on cars during his younger years. This and the experience gained from working with Terry developed his interest in the industry.


After several years he moved into the office. Where he excelled in problem-solving, one example of this is updating the internal processors. To be more streamlined and increase productivity. Where his potential really shone and management gave him a completely new hardware project. Managing an investment to completely overall the technology of Truflame where Andy took charge of this project. An Apple maintenance course gave him the knowledge and experience to take charge of IT management for Truflame. 


From this, he further dived into the technology side of Truflame where he produced a range of marketing and website developments. Taking on the entirety of the launch within the Middle East for Hi-Lo UK (our sister company.) Designing the catalogues that included involvement in every step of the process. From taking and editing the photographs to producing the print media. He later took the mantle of company secretary where he completed AAT accountancy level 2 and level 3.   


Not only has he been involved in several different areas of the business. But he’s taken on the role of security guard on one occasion. Camping out at Truflame House on a protection detail with his dog Arthur during TRUFAB. Our largest welding, fabrication and rail trade show. (P.S. There’s one coming up this year with exciting things being showcased. (See our website for details)


Over the past few years, Andy has been promoted to director where he took part in Goldman Sachs 10,000 small businesses UK programme. This programme helps provide high-quality, practical education and business support to leaders of high-growth small businesses and social enterprises across the country. Now as Managing Director after taking over from Chris Gavins in 2023. Andy aspires to continue the growth of Truflame, ensuring the employees feel included & valued. Taking Truflame to new heights.

Throughout the 20 years at Truflame, Andy has thrived in pushing himself to learn new things with one foot in chaos. “My belief is you’ve got to try and improve something, or you might as well have not bothered in the first place”  

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