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Everything you need to know about our new PPE Suite.

Updated: Nov 3, 2023

BROWSE, TRY AND BUY your workwear and safety equipment in our new PPE Suite.

Personal protective equipment is so important within our industry to ensure the safety of your team. We are dealing with applications that carry massive risks. Including burns, shocks, loud noises, danger to the eyes and fume extraction.

At Truflame we have opened our own PPE suite. Focused on getting safety equipment for you during hazardous applications. You can browse, and try and buy while getting your everyday welding consumables.

We spent 2022 creating a new PPE suite to house the best of workwear, safety equipment and work lights. This process came along with a series of updates for Truflame. To match our values in sustainability we took on the following developments:

  • Adding solar panels to our roof.

  • Create a gas storage space in the yard

  • Developed a new media suite

How did we do it?

Our CEO Chris Gavins led the march in creating our newest edition of Truflame House.

We stripped out our conference room and an upstairs office to find the space. We removed years of photos and our old red carpet from the floor. They put on their Swiss Airs and brought down the wall between the rooms. The plan came to life in front of our eyes and now had the empty shell of our PPE suite.

The specialists arrived to knock through the floor of our showroom below. A local fabricator made our steel stairs and brought the whole thing together.

Truflame Welding Equipment brought the idea of a PPE Suite to life. Then the magic happened a local business came to plaster and paint creating a whole new space for our PPE. Our team of specialists got their heads together to fill it with quality safety equipment.

The dusty old office and formal conference room became a sparkling new showroom. We were excited to get it opened and our customers through the doors.

See how we created our PPE suite below:

The Truflame PPE suite has begun transforming on a seasonal basis. Allowing us to provide the best fit for the sun, cold and more common for us, rain. Working with market leaders in safety, workwear, and comfort, we can provide the best options for your needs.

Whether it's respiratory protective equipment, eye protection or hand protection you need to reduce the risk of injury. We will have it in our showroom;

  • Hi-Vis Oranges.

  • Leatherware.

  • Workwear such as Jacket, polo shirt and Holster pocket trousers.

  • Safety glasses and goggles.

  • Leather Gloves

  • Face shields

  • Welding Helmets

  • Safety boots

  • LED torches & lighting equipment

We used well-known brands like Steel Blue, Hi-Lo UK, Portwest, 3M, Pureflo, Optrel, ESAB, and Unilite for our restoration. Who offer the latest innovations in protective gear for your comfort, safety, and style.

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