Hi-Lo Resettable DS2000 Flashback arrestor includes a gas non-return valve or check valve that prevents dangerous gas mixtures. Pressure-sensitive gas cut-off system gas flow. The DS2000 for connecting at cylinder regulators and tapping points.


The flashback arrestor has resettable flash arrestor with flame barrier, thermal shut-off valves, gas non-return valves and pressure sensitive cut-off valves. A temperature-sensitive cut-off valve stops the gas flow when a predetermined temperature is exceeded. Interrupts the further gas flow on pressure shocks by a resettable pressure-sensitive cut-off valve.


All flashbacks are 100% safety tested by a qualified and authorised person at regular intervals according to specific regulations. The safety device is to be tested for gas tightness, gas flow and gas return.


Product Numbers 

Oxygen - HL070312
Fuel Gas - HL070311

DS2000 Flashback Arrestor Resettable

SKU: DS2000-HL07031
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