Optrel Panoramaxx introduces a never seen before world of viewing to the welder. The nose cut-out brings the ADF closer to your eyes, increasing the field of view by more than 6 times without adding to the weight of the welding helmet. The panorama view in connection with the 2.5 brightness level as well as detail colour rendering.


The Panormaxx features the Auto-pilot function, which is based on a unique sensor concept that measures the brightness of the welding arc and then automatically adjusts the correct blackness value of the glare protection cartridge.


Key Features:

  • Twilight Function
  • Sensitivity Adjustment
  • True Colour View
  • Comfort Headband
  • New Energy Concept
  • Delay Function
  • Overhead Welding


Panoramaxx Auto Darkening Welding Helmet Shade 5 - 12

SKU: TR14-1010.000