Hi-Lo UK

Hi-Lo UK prides itself on its versatility. They have the ability and expertise to manufacture bespoke products that are used in a vast array of industrial processes. Along with a full stock of standard gas cutting and welding equipment. 

With advanced technology and ultra-modern manufacturing techniques, we are able to offer to you the most reliable, heavy-duty and hard-wearing products. Also, the confidence that you are dealing with a market leader when it comes to safety.

The Hi-Lo brand which has one of its manufacturing facilities based in York operates with state of the art CNC machines and is capable of producing high quality cutting nozzles and brass fittings for a wide range of applications from the fabrication shop to heavy steel mill equipment. 

Adaptor - Binzel Type


D1 Coupling Pin 3/8


DKG-W Coupling


AGNM Gouging Nozzles


DG91N High Flow Flashback Arrestor


Drop Forged Combination Spanner


Binzel Type Spring


DGN Non-Rest Flashback Arrestor


Branded 14” Chrome Leather Gaiter / Spats


DKD Coupling 3/8


Branded Leather Welding Jacket


DKG Coupling