Hi-Lo UK Flat handle cutting torches are fully repairable by our service and repair team on all new torches and 100% fully tested. 


Universal hand cutting is where the gases are mixed in the cutting torch head.  These can come as "press to cut" or "release to cut" option in a wide range of lengths available from the standard 18", 27" and 36" to special requirements such as 3 metres. Available with acetylene or propane nozzle.


Key Features: 

  • Press to cut
  • British made
  • Cutting capacity 400mm
  • Conforms to EN ISO 5172
  • Manufactured under BS EN ISO 9001
  • Can be used with Acetylene & Propane Nozzles
  • 3 year warranty


Available in the following configurations:
36/75 - TR09-05090038

36/90 - TR09-05090037

36/180 - TR09-05090039


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MS (Universal) 36" Flat Handle Cutting Torch PTC - British Made

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