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Helping South Yorkshire Transport Museum update their gas equipment!

Philip Morton from South Yorkshire Transport Museum reached out to us for help.

“Our current gauge seems faults and we want to make sure that we have the proper equipment”

The Problem

South Yorkshire Transport Museum came to us with one faulty gauge, they sent us photos and we discovered a lot of their system was out of date.

This slowed down their applications and work began to build up at the museum.

The Solution

One of our service engineers attended the museum to provide the needed regulators. Paul arrived on site and conducted a CP7 check to ensure that everything is working safely.

We then replaced the out-of-date and unsafe equipment with new and quality gas equipment from Hi-Lo UK that ensured the team at Transport Museum can get their job done safely!

Looking to improve your gas equipment?

To help you keep your equipment up to catch our team can conduct a CP7 inspection of your workplace, to ensure there’s no unsafe equipment that could result in serious injury and help with the following:

  • Test the functionality and leak-test all components.

  • Offer full technical advice and make recommendations.

  • Ensure all equipment is to current standards and regulations.

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