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Truflame Now Offering CP7 Training

Updated: Oct 5, 2023

The Gas Inspectors Course is an intense two-day course covering all aspects of gas inspections in accordance with the BCGA Code of Practice 7. It is recommended that potential inspectors have some prior knowledge of gas equipment before starting the course and a pre-reading pack sent out prior to starting the course.

The course content includes developing a working knowledge of key UK Industrial Regulations that cover working with industrial gases and the reasoning behind there is a need to complete formal gas inspection.

The CP7 training course briefly goes through how EU law impacts the UK and identifies the manufacturing standards for a range of Gas Equipment. During the first day, learners will complete a risk assessment in accordance with the Management of Health & Safety Regulations 1999 and the resulting assessment is placed within their own inspection folders. During this session, we develop knowledge on the Classifications of Gases, identifying the main Oxy/Fuel equipment components - describing how each works and how to visually inspect them for serviceability. Finally, inspectors complete some revisions on lighting & closing down a flame and the correct way to close down a system at the end of their daily process. They also go through the correct emergency procedures when something has gone wrong. At the start of the day’s activities, each delegate will receive various HSE handouts to aid them with further revision.

The second day starts with some light revision of the previous day’s activities, followed by a demonstration of a complete inspection of an Oxy Fuel system. Inspectors are then observed carrying out their own practical inspection using course guidance notes. There is a further assessment utilising faulty equipment and other various demonstrations. At the end of the 2-day package, delegates are expected to complete a written question paper.

Once qualified, all delegates receive an Inspector’s Identity card, an Inspection folder and a gas inspection toolbox. Truflame recommends that delegates annually requalify to keep updated with all current UK Codes of Practice and the gas equipment manufacturing standards. The Annual Re-Certification course is a one-day course.

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