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Why servicing your welding equipment is so important?

Updated: Aug 24, 2023

You’re using your welding equipment every single day and it's pivotal for your working day that they are up to scratch. Not just to ensure that you can get your jobs ticked off but to ensure your own, your colleagues and your workplace's safety. Within welding, we all know they are massive risks in completing the job. Including exposure to fumes & gases, fires, explosions, and electrical hazards. This is why taking precautions is so important including having appropriate fume extraction, PPE, and the right equipment on hand. Your welding equipment must conform to the appropriate international (ISO) or British (BS) standards.

We can help with your welding equipment:

At Truflame we have over 65 years of experience in the service and repair of welding equipment. Our service engineers have the skills and knowledge to ensure your equipment is up to scratch for your daily applications. Losing a machine can be detrimental to your business, we get it and work on the increased importance of quick turnaround but don’t falter on the quality of your welding equipment.

What we do

  • Emergency Breakdown – We know that emergencies are sometimes unavoidable and the importance of getting back up and running as quickly as possible. Having a welder go down can bring everything to a stop and suddenly chaos has erupted but we can help get you back on track! Aiming to get you back in motion on site where possible. When this isn’t doable we focus on a turnaround as quickly as possible to get you back to what’s important.

  • LEV Testing - Did you know its COSHH regulations to get ALL LEV (Local Exhaust Ventilation) systems tested regularly? Meaning it’s a legal requirement to have these systems tested and maintained. This is a test of all LEV equipment which includes examining to check the condition of ducts, hoods, and filters, ensuring they are in good working order.

  • Electrical Testing of welding equipment – At Truflame our team are trained and certified to carry out electrical testing on your welding equipment. Able to perform electrical testing of welding equipment to standard 60974-4. This standard for periodic inspection and after repair to ensure electrical safety.

  • CP7 Gas Inspection – Is your workplace safe? Let us help you keep a safety standard on site. We will inspect to ensure there’s no unsafe equipment that could result in serious injury and help with:

    1. Testing the functionality and leak test all components.

    2. Offer full technical advice and make recommendations

    3. Ensure all equipment is to current standards and regulations.

To conform to regulations, you are required to keep your gas equipment maintained and checked regularly. The British Compressed Gases Associated (BCGA’s) code of practice (CP7) recommended that equipment is checked annually and replaced every five years.

  • Calibration to British Standard – It's incredibly important to ensure that your welding equipment is running at a high standard which is why it’s so important to ensure your welder is calibrated to British Standard regularly. Our team can calibrate to IEC BS EN 60974-14 on your welding equipment which includes a certificate of each machine to show whether this has passed or failed inspection.

  • Planned / Contract maintenance – In need of regular maintenance to your fleet of welders? Do you have a range of welders that need to be kept up to scratch to ensure you don’t go down during your working day? We can set up an arranged maintenance to keep your equipment up to scratch on a regular basis that takes the stress away from you.

Does your welding equipment need servicing? We’ve got you covered.

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