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In need of welding equipment service and repair?

Updated: Mar 14

At Truflame we can repair and service welding equipment from a wide range of welding brands as quickly as possible. Our service and repair department understands how frustrating, time-consuming and costly a broken welding machine can be to your business.

This is why we pride ourselves on quick turnaround to repair your welding machines.

At Truflame Welding Equipment we have over 50 years of experience within the welding industry that has developed extensive knowledge when it comes to the supply and repair of a range of welding equipment including; Welding machines and Flat-handle cutting torches.

We have a dedicated service and repair department that focuses on a range of welding equipment from all over the UK. This has given us a well-deserved and enviable reputation as one of the UK’s most well-known and respected welding suppliers. Truflame focus on customer satisfaction and endeavours to reduce the amount of time you are stuck without your equipment. Constantly improving our quality of service and working for a prompt turnaround where possible.

Recently we have seen an expansion of our service department with more experience, new knowledge and skills to help you manage the service and repair of your welding equipment. Our service team now have a combined experience of over 65 years to share with you.

Unlike many of our competitors, we can repair printed circuit boards (PCB) at a component level to help minimize the cost of replacing complete boards. Often one of the most common and expensive products. As well as supplying a wide variety of spare parts including rectifiers, wire feed motors and water cooler pumps.

Welding Equipment mig welding machine sparking.

All our work is undertaken by our trained and certified staff using our specialist testing facilities. We are able to provide the following welding service and repairs:

  • Emergency Breakdown: Breakdowns are sometimes unavoidable and can bring you to a halt which is why we'll get out to you as soon as possible!

  • LEV Testing: Did you know its COSHH regulations to get all LEV (Local Exhaust Ventilation) Systems tested regularly? This ensures there's no damage, wear, leaks or blockages.

  • Electrical Testing of welding equipment: Our team are trained and certified to carry out electrical testing on your welding equipment. Electrical testing of welding equipment to standard 60974-4.

  • CP7 Gas Inspection: Is your workplace safe? We will help you maintain an improved safety standard with regular safety checks.

  • Calibration to British Standard: We calibrate to IEC BS EN 60974-14 on welding equipment. Regular calibration is required to the above standard on welding equipment.

  • Planned / Contract maintenance: Need regular maintenance to your fleet of welders, our team work with planned and contracted maintenance to keep your equipment up to scratch.

Not only can we offer the repair and service of a wide range of welding equipment. We also specialise in gas safety inspections to CP7 and Service & Calibration of Rail Equipment. Whether you are looking for equipment spares or need to service your gas welding equipment, we have got you sorted!

Do you need your welding equipment repaired or serviced? Get in touch with our service engineer. Book in to see our expert team with years of experience to help you tackle your equipment repair and service needs,

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