ESAB is a world leader in the production of welding and cutting equipment and consumables. ESAB’s innovative, world-renowned equipment and solutions are developed with input from their customers and built with the expertise and heritage of a global manufacturing leader. With over 100 year’s experience, ESAB are continuously working on the optimization and development of welding equipment without compromising on quality.

The company was founded by Oscar Kjellberg, an engineer who invented the coated welding electrode which is still a main product of the ESAB range. This has progressed to today’s development of welding units that are matched for just about any process. ESAB has the needs and demands of customers in the forefront of their mind and works to ensure these are satisfied.

18.04 4043 Aluminium Tigrod 2.5kg Packs


CC11 Screw Type Earth Clamp


Fabricator Inverter Power Source


308L Stainless Steel Mig Wire


Cutmaster 100 Plasma Cutter Package


Filarc 56S Vac Pac 450mm


316L Stainless Steel Mig Wire


Cutmaster 120 Plasma Cutter


5356 Aluminium Tig Wire 2.5kg


Cutmaster 40 Plasma Package


Buddy TIG 160


F10 Welding Helmet