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Olympus Universal Robot for welding
Tru-bot universal robot logo

Universal Robot 

Automate your repetitive welding processes with our easy to operate UR welding system! This automated welding package introduces efficiency and accuracy. 

Truflame welding equipment have partnered to create a Tru-bot section of the business. This focuses on providing automated repetitive welding processes with an easy to operate Universal Robot Welding system. Our partner have developed a inquire Robot welding system that can be deployed easily and flexibly in existing manual welding boots. Software UR cap provides comprehensive control of the power source via the robot teach pendant.

Key features of the universal robot including value, powerful software and choice of power source.

Universal Robot cap provides comprehensive control of the power source via the robot teach pendant. All programming is done with a touch screen menus and does not require any complicated codes or scripts to be written, making is easy for everyone to be able to use . The robot can be moved by hand to set start and end weld positions, saving precisou time when programming.


Once the power source has been selected, the welding parameters, wire inch and gas purge features can all be controlled. Our robot can call existing jobs and processes if the power source has these features available. Welding parameters can also be changed mid-weld!

The process control box provides a switch to allow live simulation of welds on a product. Placed outside the cell when in production, it safely provides visibility of weather the robot is moving and or welding. 

The software we use provides a set of simple programming nodes to create paths along which the robot will travel at a specified speed whilst performing one of four configurable weaving patterns. 


  • UR Cap software can be used to create a weaving path for numerous applications.

  • It is compatible ur UR e-Series robots.

  • It can be used in conjunction ith the Olympush UR Welding system URCap. 


  • Easy to use programming nodes to create your weave path.

  • Four different configurable weaving patterns 

  • Weave along complex paths using points, circular arcs and blends. 

  • Path speeds up to 50 mm/s

  • Amends the revel velocity and weave parameters mid path. 

  • The plane of the weave can be rotated about the direction of travel. 

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