Why Kemper Vacufil fume extraction is perfect for welding

Compact is the future!

Kemper has created the perfect fume extraction unit for welders! Launching a high-vacuum extraction VacuFil compact designed for regular use with a disposable filter. Why will welders love it?

On torch extraction is the future – already widely regarded as the most efficient way to capture welding fume at the source. This extraction unit does just that, helping to protect the user from fume and dust while welding.

The high vacuum extraction unit VacuFil is a brand-new series from Kemper that combines easy handling with needs-based extraction capacity. Have a large disposable filter and comfortable one-button operation, even with gloves! Easy for welders to operate without having to remove protective gear.

This unit can be combined with any conventional welding torch. Allowing you to select your torch technology on the touch display of this digital extraction unit series. VacuFil then automatically adjust their output on the torch parameters stored in the unit’s software. The integrated extraction volume control ensures that the extraction systems continuously adjust their performance during the welding process. This means that the highest possible air volume flow is always used for extraction.

Key Features:

  • Accurate Extraction Performance

  • Stepless Preselection

  • Simply adjustable with one button

  • Extraction performance is regulated automatically by itself

  • Compact design – Perfectly suited for welders.

This fume extraction unit allows you to change workplaces whenever you need to. With its compact design, welders can move around different job applications. Many additional features such as automatic air volume control are available. The side channel blower for negative pressure provides robust performance for industrial users.

Now let’s talk about the benefits of this incredible piece of kit:

  1. Stepless preselection of the extraction power for the use of various extraction torches.

  2. Intuitive one-button operation, for use with gloves.

  3. Outstanding price-performance ratio thanks to a wide range of additional features.

  4. High Extraction capacity using side channel blower.

  5. Well suited for changing workplaces due to compact design.

What else could a welder want?

Well, it also has additional equipment such as a USB connection and even a coffee holder! To ensure the essentials are in reaching point.

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