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Fume extraction at its best

Updated: May 19, 2023

One of our favourite units Kemper Profimaster Mobile filter unit

Protecting yourself and your employees is important within the welding and cutting industry with various amounts of PPE as an essential part of daily life. Including fume extraction, HSE has changed the enforcement expectation for welding fume including Mild Steel. Find out more in regards to HSE enforcement here.

Welding fume can cause numerous health issues and HSE have issued a safety alert about the health risks of welding fume. Particles from welding fume are mostly nanoparticles that are unable to be filtered out by our own filters including nose hair etc. To ensure protection from welding fumes there are options to think about that could be useful for yourself:

1. Extracting at the source using fume extraction units.

2. Make changes to the way workers use the equipment and position themselves.

3. Use RPE (Respiratory Protection Equipment) to provide added user protection through the PAPR system including blower unit and mask.

What Fume Extraction systems are available?

Permanent Systems is an extraction unit mounted on the wall and one or more self-supporting arms which collect the fumes directly from the source. The fume is exited outside of the building

Mobile filter units are portable and wheeled fume extraction systems complete with integrated filters that will allow the extracted and filtered air can be immediately returned to the environment. This not only extracts fume from the area but has the ability to move across the workspace easily providing simplicity and ease of work while welding, grinding etc. Available to move from one workbench to another easily.

One of our favourite mobile filter units comes from Kemper, a leader in the technology of welding fume extraction. The Profimaster mobile filter unit has been designed for occasional to frequent use with low to medium amounts of dust. Kemper profimaster is a robust smoke extraction filter with a rotating and swivelling exhaust hood that enables use in a 360° radius and ensures only a few adjustments during welding. The high-capacity disposable filter can easily be changed.

Key Features:

o Safe operation by rotation field control

o Maintenance door allows easy filter change

o Exhaust arm requires less adjustment due to flow-optimised exhaust hood design

o Increased safety due to filter monitoring

o Exhaust arm up to 4 m

o Automatic Start/Stop (optional)

o Rotating exhaust hood

Have you got the right protective equipment in place to keep your workplace safe? Discover what kemper had to say about the profimaster fume extraction unit.

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