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Truflame Turns 50!

Updated: Jun 7, 2023

It's our birthday! We've been around for 50 years!

Truflame Welding Equipment was established in 1968. Owned and operated by Steve Gavins, a hairdresser born and raised in Sheffield. Truflame has called Sheffield home for more than 50 years, 18 of which, the business has been operating out of a purpose-built unit on Newhall Road (where you can still find us today! Contact us.). Originally started as a gas service and repair business in the late 1960's Truflame quickly grew into one of South Yorkshire's most recognisable and established businesses.

Steve was soon joined by his son Chris, who could often be found working in the office from a very young age. Chris took every opportunity to work at the business, even spending every day of the 6 weeks holiday working here. He quickly advanced through the business holding various job titles throughout the years from working in the Warehouse, Finance Department and Sales. Before officially becoming the Managing Director when Steve retired in 2012. While Steve may have retired, he's still found either in the office keeping an eye on things or visiting some of his favourite clients on occasion.

Over our 50 years in the welding industry, we have worked hard to provide the best service, high-quality products and quality knowledge for our customers as well as providing an environment that allows our staff to grow and challenge their knowledge and understanding in and around the community. We have partnered with various market leaders and have numerous franchise agreements to provide the best quality welding and gas equipment up and down the country.

Need a repair or service of your welding equipment? Looking for some new and exciting new products? We can help you find the equipment you need or repair your current welding machines? See our full store or visit our repair page!

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