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Truflame has gone digital!

Updated: Oct 5

In February 2021 at Truflame we had a discussion to launch a mobile application. Between Chris, Andy and Molly, we hatched a plan to create software that our customers could instantly place orders.

The beginning of the app.

Firstly, we targeted this campaign to our gas section of Truflame - TruGas. We saw a gap in the market when partnering with Buse Gas to take this industry into the digital world. We wanted to give our customers a quick and easy way to reorder and return their gas cylinders. So we produced a simple-to-use application that allows customers to find their pricing, and reorder gas without having to type lengthy emails, wait for callbacks or fear losing an order that was crucial to the running of the company.

Production began and we launched this as a trial with a select few of our gas customers. Gas sales specialist Chris Lee and I headed to our customers to introduce our new app. We were met with positive reviews and mostly successful starts on the app. Many of our customers were able to adapt quickly, to start placing orders on the app almost immediately. But of course we had some teething issues, come on we're a welding company venturing into the digital world.

After a few tweaks, we decided to roll this out to our full gas client base and ensure every customer was readily available to use the app. Following this, we had a lot of feedback that they’d like to see a full list of our products on the app. Specifically, consumables. This was already on the cards but due to the success of the original app launch, we pushed the development through at the beginning of January 2022 with the relaunch scheduled for February with all our products on the app by late March. We would aim to launch this successfully at our TruFab.

Why choose the app?

With customer-specific pricing, account details and specifications available at the touch of a button it's a no-brainer to begin ordering. There's no need to break from what you're doing to ring your account manager, or string through thousands of emails to find the contact.

  • It's easy to get set up (join now)

  • Everything in one place

  • It'll be continually updated

But how easy can it be? We want to show you!

How to use our app on iPhone

How to use our app on Android

Step One: Use the URL to locate the page to save the mobile app onto your device. Clicking a link will bring you a page that has instructions on how to save this to your homepage depending on the device. Using an iPhone this will be a small box that has an arrow coming out of it and add to the home screen one-clicking this, and Android will be three verticle dots or three horizontal lines in the top corner of the screen, clicking install the app or something along these lines.

Screenshot of our login page for Truflame mobile application

Step Two:

Once opening the application from your home screen you will be faced with a login page that will have already been set up for you when signing up to gas with us. Also allows you to phone our office to get a login put in place for you to begin using the app.

As well as buttons to see our website, find us on maps, give us a call or email us.

Step Three:

Once logged in you will see all the gases we stock, click the one you use/want to request and this will give you your custom pricing. Add how many you want to request and return in the boxes on the right-hand side clicking to add to cart once completed.

Step Four:

When in the basket select if you want to add us to deliver or you want to collect, add order reference number and press send the request. This will send the order directly to us alerting our gas sales specialist and delivery driver to get these orders ready. Once you have sent the request this will be in your account details > previous orders which can be found on the three horizontal lines menu as well as a place to change your password and see account details.

Ready to go digital? Get on board with us and have all the gas cylinders at your fingertips. We've got a dedicated gas sales team that will come in and see exactly what you need for competitive pricing where possible.

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