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Partnering with Buse Gas

Updated: Jun 7, 2023

In 2021 we are so excited to announce Truflame welding equipment have partnered with Buse Gas. Giving us the ability to supply industrial gas in and around South Yorkshire.

Buse Gas Cylinders

Partnering with Buse has created TruGas section of Trulame specifically dedicated to gas cylinders and equipment. Including a gas sales specialist with the knowledge and experience to provide high-quality information for our customers and future customers giving quality with knowledge and competitive pricing where possible.

To encourage simplicity, timely and following our 'Improving carbon footprint scheme' We are developing technology that will help increase speed and efficiency in ordering and returning gas cylinders through Truflame. We are hoping to launch over the coming weeks, our TruGas app that will show you all the gas we supply with the ability to order and return cylinders with a click of a button on your mobile device. Creating a platform with your pricing, order details, gas cylinders and request/return process in one place.

Buse gas has an intelligent quick fit with an integrated valve; the REG+. Unlike conventional gas cylinders, it is particularly stable and easy to handle. Ensuring the exchange of the gas cylinder is extremely fast and easy. The Regulator+, due to its smaller stature it has a slightly lower centre of gravity.

The built-in regulator is integrated into the sturdy protective cap and is thereby protected on all sides. With it, the outlet pressure can be precisely regulated and perfectly controlled at all times. A valve on the quick connector also prevents unwanted gas leakage. In this way, the REG+ provides you with even more security.

About Buse Gas :

Buse The specialist in gases

Buse is a speciality in gases but was originally developed as a completely different idea that had nothing to do with gas. A German company are to date an expanding corporate group with international locations and a very broad services spectrum. With over 130 years of experience and future-oriented ideas, Buse gas has become successful players in the gas market.

What do we offer?

We have numerous cylinders up to 140 litres including CO2, nitrogen, argon, oxygen and gas mixtures. Buse also has an intelligent solution REG+ is a gas cylinder with a built-in regulator with contents and outlet pressure gauges. Our gas bottles are CE certified without the premium pricing!

Coming on board with TruGas will give you the opportunity to order through our app, have competitive pricing and an account holder who will help you at every step of the gas rental process.

Interested in TruGas?

Are you interested in industrial gases? Call us on 0114 243 3020, 07850603253 or visit our TruGas page!

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