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Panoramaxx welding helmet Series - Which will you choose?

Updated: Oct 5, 2023

The all-new Panoramaxx series is now available in our showroom! Come down to our head office on Newhall Road to have a closer look. The Panoramaxx CLT, 2.5 and Quattro take you into a new dimension of sight and allows you to do things that seemed unimaginable in the past. Optrel has developed three welding helmets that all come as standard with the brand-new ISOFit headgear for maximum individual comfort, it's completely adjustable to fit every head shape.

The new Panoramaxx welding helmet series combines the latest technology and best materials including the latest digital electronics, Shadetronic, and Fadetronic technologies in combination with a 5-point sensor system and the recharge energy concept. Shadetronic is a patented Optrel technology that automatically alters the protection level by continually measuring the light intensity of the welding arc and regulating the glare protection progressively from SN4 to a maximum of SN13. Also, Fadetronic technology allows the display to adjust to the eye reducing eye fatigue.

Which Panoramaxx welding helmet will you choose?

The Panoramaxx CLT combines the world-famous Crystal Lens Technology 2.0 with the large panoramic field of view, allowing a brightness level of 2.0 giving the welder a tru-colour and detailed view of the weld pool. Using Crystal Lens Technology has been developed to give welders a better working life allowing them to see the weld pool with clarity that equates to insights into a new dimension.

The Panoramaxx Quattro has been designed and manufactured for use in heavy metal construction areas where work is often carried out in a wide variety of welding positions. Often there is no straight view of the welding point, however with the Quattro theirs a perfect viewing angle dependence according to the EN 379 standard of test mark 1. Allowing welders uninterrupted and fatigue-free working leads to improved performance.

Combining the field of vision from the Panoramaxx with Optrel’s 2.5 technology improves visibility. Optrel has created Panoramaxx 2.5 with a 6x panoramic field of vision and 5-12 shade levels. The Panoramaxx 2.5 allows a wide range of activity, automatically allowing the welder versatility in their jobs including welding grinding and straightening.

With these new helmets, Optrel has also released IsoFIT headgear for added welding comfort. The headgear can be adjusted in width, length and height to any head shape ensuring maximum comfort and weight distribution, available with green, grey or black adjustment knobs. All the new Panoramaxx series comes with the IsoFit headgear as a standard, all you have to do now is choose which helmet is right for you.

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