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Need a welding Christmas Wish List?

Updated: Oct 5, 2023

We have just the list to drop hints on what you want under your tree this Christmas. Or are you stuck for what to get your welder this year our team have just the Christmas list for you.

With this year’s most popular products available, including new launches, special offers and the most talked-about of the year. Our top ten starts strong with the increasingly popular Southern Cross Zip Safety boots, manufactured by Steel Blue. An Australian company aimed to be the best creating a series of clever innovations such as Trisole® Comfort Technology and Ortho Rebound® Footbed.

Southern Cross Zip is a 150mm ankle boot with a scalloped, padded collar for ease of movement. Made from premium water-resistant leather, this safety boot features a 200J Steel Toe Cap and industrial-grade zipper not only the original but now available enhanced with Graphene, one of the strongest impermeable semi-metals discovered to date.

SLV Long bar clamp manufactured by Bessey Tools. Bessey is one of the world’s leading manufacturers when it comes to professional hand tools in the clamping and cutting technology industry. SLV Long bar clamps a wide range of possible applications due to interchangeable sliding arms available in various designs. The SLV long bar has a clamping force up to 6500N with a special heat-resistant pressure plate that can be tilted by up to 35°. The clamp can be fed through an opening in the workpiece/component.

Up next on this list is part of an essential kit, Fume Extraction Unit. Kemper is a pioneer and a leader in technology in the field of welding smoke extraction. Over 40 years of experience in plant construction for these products. Protecting yourself and your team from fume is massively important. We’ve previously discussed the different ways to keep safe Managing the HSE Enforcement Expectation for Welding Fume with systems such as mobile filter units, exhaust arms and stationary systems.

Number four on our Christmas wish list is Klingspor, a family-owned business that operates worldwide. FS966 Fibre Discs have a micro-crystalline self-sharpening effect. The Klingspor fibre discs have high aggressiveness throughout the service life, outstanding grit adhesion and are especially suitable for heavy-duty applications. Perfect to place under your tree.

This next product you will have heard of, from a popular brand within the industry who launched this mask early on this year. Can you guess what is it? Optrel Swiss Air is the revolutionary ventilated half mask. This product has been designed as a revolutionary PAPR system with TH3 certified particle master filter, easily adjustable airflow 100-130 l/min and 14hr power pack. With many benefits including permanent protection of the respiratory tract and lungs against pollutants in the air, regardless of the current activity in the working day.

Key Benefits:

  • Ergonomics.

  • Performance

  • Reduction of running costs due to massive saving of paper masks as well as their disposal.

  • Security of supply

  • Independence

  • Sustainability - By planting a tree for each swiss air system sold, optrel compensates more than just the climate footprint of the respective system.

Coming in at number six we’ve got ESAB OK Goldrox stick electrode due to the brilliant performance for everyday stick welding applications, with properties that help fabricators of all skill levels turn their projects into gold. The GoldRox provides a stable arc that leaves almost no spatter and easy slag removal with minimal effort for faster clean-up. Using an electrode with good arc stability, coupled with decent puddle flow, helps in situations with poor fit-up.

Give your welder the ability to turn their welds into gold!

Another new launch EWM TETRIX XQ welder, EWM has launched one machine for all your needs. Textric XQ for TIG welding shows its strengths in a wide range of applications with a variety of materials. If welding automatically or manually this welder makes the job just that bit easier including assembly, repair or maintenance work.

Make this your new favourite machine in any work environment.

We’ve also had a launch from ESAB, they’ve manufactured the Fabricator heavy-duty inverter-controlled power source for MIG/MAG and MMA stick welding. This welding machine is built to withstand rugged use which makes it a perfect solution for industrial usage. Fabricator's inverter-based technology allows for better power efficiency, easier operation and better overall utility.

In number nine TBI 230 Expert Mini, ESAB TBI Expert handle has been designed with perfect ergonomics and appealing looks. The soft rubber areas directly integrated into the handle assure comfortable and slip-proof handling. The balance of the torches has been optimized to avoid the fatigue of the worker.

Our final Christmas wish list is the popular Bosch GWS 750 angle grinder, a slim grip angle grinder that has functional features for quick, easy and precise results. For example, the newly designed motor platform enables a higher rate of removal, greater efficiency, lower temperature and improved cooling performance. Electronics giant Bosch has a fantastic history of providing the world with first-rate power tools, employing cutting-edge technology to ensure they offer only the highest quality products.

What more could be on your Christmas wish list?

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