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Aquasol is a leading manufacturer of water soluble and other cutting-edge purging technologies for the welding industry. The aquasol corporation prides itself on being driven by three fundamental principles: technology, invention and innovation. These have been at the heart of our business and have resulted in the continuous development of new patented technology for the purging and welding industry.

Aquasol strive to develop technology that simplifies the purging process. These designs are tested by clients who provide constructive and honest feedback. The results are practical, tested solutions that save time and money. These products are then assembled by technicians and production staff with quality control checks that become part of the manufacturing and final goods inspection process to ensure excellence for each and every item produced.

With these core values:

• Design, engineer & develop unique value-added product of the highest quality.
• Attention to global specifications
• Exceptional Customer service to all clients
• Continual investment in research and development

Get in touch with our team for more information about the equipment we can offer you. 

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