The Optrel E684 welding helmet is perfect welding protection for demanding joining processes of aluminium, nickel-chromium alloys, special metals as well as steel. This welding helmet has been developed for PAPR which combined with the Optrel’s PAPR system E3000x creates fume protection during welding.


Thanks to the infinitely variable shade range of SL5 to SL13 the optrel is suitable for all electric arc welding as well as grinding processes. It is the welder's loyal companion, especially for industry applications such as vehicle and railway construction, agricultural and construction machinery, steel, vessel and plant construction, pipeline and tube making as well as shipbuilding and offshore.

The E684 provides numerous upgrade options to suit your individual requirements, including powered air purifying respirator, hard hat, neck and head protection or magnifying lenses. As a result you can effortlessly upgrade the e684 without the need to purchase a new welding helmet.


Key Features:

  • True Colour View
  • 4 Times highest class
  • Twilight function
  • Sensor Slide
  • Overhead Welding
  • Patented Excenter
  • Sensitivity adjustment
  • Autopilot Shade Level 5-13

E684 Auto Darkening Welding Helmet, Shade 5 - 13

SKU: TR14-1006.500