The Optrel® Crystal 2.0 auto-darkening welding hood features shade 2.0 light state that is unmatched in the world for color and clarity. The Crystal 2.0 lens has fully automatic shade 4 to 12 arc brightness detection with Twilight feature to gradually bring the lens back into light state from welding state, reducing eye strain. Optrel's Autopilot automatically adjusts the shade level based on the brightness of the arc or flame. The auto-dark lens can also be operated in fully manual mode with infinite shade adjustment between shades 4 and 12 for a custom view of the arc.


The Crystal 2.0 welding helmet also has improved True Color technology, which allows for realistic color perception in light or dark states. It scores a perfect 1 rating for optical class, scattered light, homogeneity and angular dependence. The Crystal 2.0 has external controls to switch quickly and easily from weld to grind mode and back again. Delay and sensitivity can also be controlled using the external knobs.


Key Features: 

  • Crystal lens technology 2.0
  • Autopilot shade level 4-12
  • Twilight function
  • Sensititivty adjustment
  • True colour view
  • Lightweight
  • Comfort headband


Fields of application: 

  • Elektrode Welding (Stick Welding, SMAW)
  • GMAW High melting rate process
  • Flux Cored Wire Welding
  • TIG Welding (GTAW)
  • Plasma Arc Welding
  • Micro Plasma Arc Welding
  • Plasma Cutting
  • Gas Welding
  • Grind Mode


Crystal Ready To Weld Complete Air Package c/w E3000x with 18hr Battery

SKU: TR14-4530.050
  • Shade levels
    inactive: shade level 2.0
    active, manual: shade level 4-12

    Automatic protection level regulation across a range from 4-12 with individual calibration option of ± 2

    Power supply
    Solar cells, 2 lithium batteries (CR2032)

    Three Sensors

    Infinitely adjustable, now with “super high” sensitivity

    Switching time
    bright to dark: 0.100 ms at room temperature at 55°C
    0.070 ms at 55°C
    dark to bright: 0.1 s to 2.0 s (with dimming function)

    EN379 classification
    Optical class: 1
    Scattered light: 1
    Homogeneity: 1
    Angular dependence: 2

    Shape stability
    Welding mask: up to 220 °C / 428 °F
    Front cover lens: up to 137 °C / 279 °F

    Eye protection Ultraviolet / Infrared Protection
    maximum protection at any shade level

    Operating temperature
    -10°C to + 70°C / 14°F to 158°F

    Storage temperature
    -20°C to + 80°C / -4°F to 176°F

    460 g / 18,7 oz