Klingspor  A60 TZ special cutting off wheels with a disk thickness of 1.0mm are very thin cutting-off wheels with very short cutting times and minimal burr formation. They are known for their high level of safety, efficiency and productivity. Applications stainless steel and steel. High performance product for special applications, highest service life and cutting performance.



  • High-grade raw materials - The bond is perfectly matched to the grit type used and guarantees a greater level of aggressiveness as well as a longer service life.
  • Enhanced performance - The synthetically produced grit ensures the consistently high performance of our Kronenflex® products. Available in three different quality classes, they are exceptionally well suited for all types of applications.
  • Proven Safety - Our cutting-off wheels have been tested according to the guidelines of the oSa directives and are guaranteed to comply with European safety standard EN 12413.



  • Steel
  • Stainless Steel
  • Construction Steel
  • NF Metals
  • Cast Materials

A60 TZ Special Cutting-Off Discs (Pack of 25)

SKU: TR22-202400