Chembank Hazardous Storage Boxes all fully comply with all regulations for the safe storage of chemicals and high-security lockable vault. Armorgard’s Chembank has been designed specifically for the safe storage of chemical substances with high-security lockable applications.


This site box is fully welded and tested sump base to ensure no leakage, 5-lever deadlocks on both sides and anti-cut rollers for maximum protection against thieves and the elements. With the ability for high and low-level ventilation to prevent the build-up of fumes as well as flame arrester gauges fitted on all boxes.


The Chembank Hazardous storage box is finished a bright yellow colour and signage to highlight the difference between fuel and chemical stores. Armorgard also offers built to specification for ½ hour fire resistance, caster available to suit.

ChemBank Site Boxes

PriceFrom £398.04