Not flammable - Silicone free - Chlorinated Hydrocarbon free - without solvents

Environmentally friendly, hydrated anti spatter fluid for MIG and MAG welding.

Ready for use! (premixed)

  • For arc welding with electrodes, easy removal of the slag, even with V-seams
  • Easy cleaning of welding seams
  • Also prevents the welding spatter from burning in the burner heads during inert gas welding and contact welding
  • When used correctly no complications with further processing of priming, painting,galvanizing etc.
  • It is completely non flammable and can therefore be applied without risk in the workplace
  • Product is exempted from the specific labelling requirements of hazardous productsaccording to ordinance on hazardous substances

5 Litres Pre-Mixed Jokish LB100 Anti Spatter

SKU: TR56-LB1005