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What to think about when choosing your plasma cutter?

Updated: May 19, 2023

Plasma cutting is the fastest cutting process, plasma cutters cut most types of metal and thicknesses depending on the machine that is used across a wide variety of applications. These work by sending an arc of electric current through a high-speed stream of inert gas usually compressed air. Plasma cutters use voltage to heat compressed air and create a plasma arc. Cutters will cut conducting metals including steel, stainless steel, aluminium, copper and brass.

Are you in the market for a plasma-cutting machine? Well, you might need to think about the following features that could create a great investment rather than a machine that simply doesn't make the cut.

What material is been cut is important due to the thickness of metal that a plasma cutter can cut. Ensure your plasma cutter can cut the materials you need it to. The ESAB range of HandyPlasma we currently have on special offer has a recommended cutting capacity of 6mm & 10mm but a maximum cutting capacity of 12mm & 16mm whereas the cutmaster series ranges from 12mm to a maximum of 55mm depending on the model chosen within the ESAB cutmaster range. The output of the machine is also important to ensure cut capacity, cut quality and sturdiness of a plasma cutter as of course cuts are all that matters for a plasma cutter machine.

How you want to use your cutter greatly impacts which model would better suit your use. Longer use throughout the day, as well as longer slow cutting, mean selecting a higher duty cycle would be able to handle continuous cutting without overheating. Cutting speed as IPM (inches per minute) often determine what they need.

ESAB HandyPlasma power source is a light and portable power source for plasma cutting with a 22V 50/60 Hz single phase power supply. Very simple to use with a colour LCD panel that we currently have a special offer that includes FREE Savage A40 welding helmet with every purchase of the machine.

The cutting specification for the following metals are:

Aluminium: 8mm | 10mm

Carbon Steel: 12mm | 16mm

Pierces: 6mm | 10mm

Stainless Steel: 10mm | 12mm

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