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Rogue ET TIG Welding Systems :

Updated: Jun 7

ESAB has launched the brand new Rogue ET TIG welding systems specifically designed for professional-grade HF-TIG and MMA applications. This new system offers advanced TIG features including:

  • Up- and downslope

  • Gas pre- and post-flow

  • 2T/4T trigger control

Available in two different models 180I and 200IP to cover all your needs! Looking for something that will blow your mind when it comes to portable TIG machines with an amazing price to match, ESAB have launched Rogue, "ushers in a new era of welding capability"

In the words of ESAB, Are you ready to go Rogue? Rogue ET TIG welding systems

With unconventional features, unprecedented performance and an all-new industrial design, the Rouge ET has an all-new welding capability for portable TIG machines. There's nothing basic about these features:

PERFORMANCE. – These advanced TIG controls allow full cycle control to match every application. Monitor and easily control ramp-up time and downslope time with Pulse up to 500Hz for perfect control of heat input.

POWER. – Power Fact Control technology allows for a highly efficient and steady arc that is resistant to power fluctuations. With up to 25fi duty cycle at 200A giving the strength to crush jobs on thicker material.

ESAB Rogue ET Welding Machine

STRENGTH. – Its robust and rigid fibreglass-moulded housing is built to withstand impact after impact in the shop or in the field. With ESAB’s standard and industry-leading three-year warranty.

PORTABILITY. - The Rogue ET is durable and weather resistant with an IP23S rating for use in tough outdoor applications. No other machine at this price point comes close to matching this TIG machine in strength.

USABILITY. – This compact and lightweight TIG welder allows easy move-ability from one job to another job. It weighs in at just 8.7kg and its sturdy handle and included shoulder strap to ensure more comfort than ever before.

Dive into technical welding specifications.

ESAB Rogue ET Welding Machine technical specifications

Are you ready to go to Rouge? Pick your favourite power source and get to welding Rogue ET 180i & Rogue ET 200iP Pro available directly from our website ready to ship!

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