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Our Team Visit Lifton Polska with our Rail saw

Updated: Oct 5, 2023

Our team has recently been out to Poland visiting Lifton Polska giving live demos of the Rapid Rail Saw and sharing our extensive knowledge on welding equipment available.

The Rapid Rail Saw is now available, the saw can cold cut any type of rail track with an average cutting time of 1 minute on UIC 60 rails, also extremely portable weighing less than 30kg. Rapid Rail Saw has been trialled on the London Underground. The Patented RAPID RAIL SAWING AND DRILLING MACHINE is now available as a Hydraulically powered rail maintenance kit. This kit is made up of the Rapid Rail Sawing Machine and the Rapid Rail Precision Drilling Machine. The set has been specifically developed to make the job of rail cutting & drilling user-friendly and accurate - whilst keeping the machine light and easy to transport.

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