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Guide to finding the best women's PPE for you!

In today's diverse workforce, women are breaking barriers across various industries. With this, it's crucial to ensure their safety at the workplace with appropriate PPE. Protective equipment plays a vital role in safeguarding individuals from occupational hazards. For women in the workforce, finding the right PPE is essential for comfort, effectiveness, and overall well-being. We’re here to help you identify the best ladies' PPE, taking into consideration the hazards of the work environment, job-specific requirements, and key factors to consider during the selection process.


Identify the PPE you need:


Work environments pose diverse risks, from chemical exposures and sharp objects to potential physical injuries. Understanding the specific hazards of a job is the first step in choosing appropriate PPE:


  • Fall

  • Impact

  • Penetration

  • Compression

  • Chemical

  • Heat/Cold

  • Harmful dust

  • Light (optical) radiation

  • Biologic


This includes discovering what PPE works best for the job and environment you are working in. Different environments warrant different PPE.  For example, a warehouse worker will require different PPE compared to someone working in the field.

Workwear to fit Every Body


Difference between women's PPE & male PPE:


A lot of PPE has been designed to suit a male body leaving a lot of flaws when it comes to protecting women. Including respiratory protection, work boots and all clothing. The main difference between men's and women's personal protective equipment is:


  • Chest size and shape

  • Waist ratio

  • Size and shapes of faces.


Women will often need help finding protective equipment that is comfortable and practical to their needs. Many different aspects make PPE unable to downsize to fit women. They may need to be narrow in the waist for women or narrow higher up.


Poor-fitting equipment can lead to difficulty completing jobs, risk to workers and increased stress levels of the wearer. The protection of PPE is enhanced when the product is working correctly to the appropriate size.



Things to consider when looking for PPE


Catering to women’s bodies during pregnancy. - PPE must also cater to women’s bodies during pregnancy, in some cases, female workers were required to cut back on their normal site duties while pregnant because suitable PPE had not been available. This is why it’s so important to ensure any PPE that is provided will be safe and comfortable for them to use, especially as their pregnancy progresses allowing normal duties to be completed. Many manufacturers are already launching equipment that can cater to this need.


PPE during menstrual cycles. - The PPE industry has been developing ranges that are suitable for women in work including incorporating black linings in women’s work trousers for adding protection during menstrual cycles. This helps women feel more comfortable and confident during their working hours.


PPE for Religions. – PPE is required on many different sites and should be able to be worn no matter the gender or religious background. It's important to look for PPE that is compliant with religious observations while also ensuring the wearer’s safety. There have been developments to ensure the PPE is comfortable, compliant and safe for the wearer onsite including longer lengths and more coverage.


Think about:

  • The fit and comfort of the workwear/PPE. It is important for employees that PPE/workwear fits appropriately and comfortably. Uncomfortable and oversized PPE can affect job performance and confidence.

  • Make sure the PPE isn’t defective or broken when supplied to you. If it breaks while using it then let your employer know to get a suitable replacement. If it is defective, why is it defective? Can a better alternative be supplied?

  •  Employers need to work with their employees to make sure all PPE supplied is suitable, effective, and comfortable.

  •  Making sure the PPE is cared for/maintained if it’s not disposable. E.g. washing guidelines tidied away correctly.

  •  Make sure employees can safely remove and put on PPE. For welding helmets have a face fit test and any training that is required.


As more women embark on careers in traditionally male-dominated industries.  Our commitment is to ensure they have the essential resources and support within their professions. We want to share our dedication to fostering a workplace environment suitable for all needs. That empowers women, promotes inclusivity, and facilitates their integration into these sectors. Together, let's equip and inspire the next generation of female professionals. With the help of our PPE specialists, we are making it our mission to help you find the right and best quality PPE. This is why we are dedicated to having protective equipment for everyone’s needs

Head to toe in womens PPE

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