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Complete guide on the ESAB Renegade Volt

Lead the charge into the Volt age.

Sick to death of trailing cables and no easy access to AC mains power? This stick welder could be the lifesaver you need. Cordless welding is here, ESAB brings the Renegade Volt to help you solve the pains of field welding.

A portable, cordless battery-powered STICK and live TIG welder with the versatility to operate in battery, mains or AMP+ Hybrid mode. The Volt runs on 6 Ah, 9 Ah and 12Ah DEWALT FLEXVOLT batteries. the power to burn up to 33 (E6013) electrodes or TIG weld for up to 45 minutes on a single charge in standard operating conditions.

ESAB Renegade Volt on site welding made easy

The benefits of the ESAB Renegade Volt are massive. This is what we think makes it a standout welder for industrial applications.

Key Benefits:

  • Rugged industrial design, you've got the perfect welder for in-field welding. Durable impact-resistant housing and multiple lift points/ Making it easy for operation and transportation during your hard-to-reach worksites. Not to mention cordless and battery welding at the forefront of this welding machine. It's perfect for working in difficult to hard-to-reach locations, places without power. Where portability is key to getting the job done/

  • Having the Volt is an affordable alternative to petrol & diesel-driven welders for off-the-grid welding. It drops many of the costs and hassles of engines, including fumes, fuel costs, and noise. There's no need to drag hundreds of feet of heavy and expensive welding cables or extension cords. Using DEWALT FLEXVOLT batteries still allows you to get the best out of this welding machine. The powerful welder offers the highest arc quality with special features. Including hot start, arc force, memory storage and cellulosic mode to optimise performance based on applications or user preference.

  • Offering you the ultimate flexibility! The Volt gives full flexibility of where and how you get your job done! Batteries can be swapped out for fresh batteries in seconds, so the job isn't interrupted in the field. There is no need to wait for the batteries to recharge. Use the same batteries that work with other DEWALT FLEXVOLT compatible hand tools. Battery box detaches for easier transportation, mobility and storage when moving around or convenience when connected to primary power.

Why Renegade Volt is shockingly good?

ESAB Renegade Volt ES 200i
  • Shockingly powerful corded and cordless welding. - A battery-powered welder as strong as they come - whether you're on the go or in the shop.

  • Shockingly portable grab-and-go welding. - Lightweight and compact to fit where generators can't. A portable welder is 5x smaller and lighter than a typical compact welder-generator.

  • Shockingly Pro-grade performance. - Doesn't compromise welding performance, it redefines it. Fully loaded stick and live TIG welder with best-in-class arc quality, advanced features and a friendly interface.

Let's get technical.

The ESAB cordless welder runs on 6 Ah and 12Ah DEWALT FLEXVOLT batteries. Providing the power to burn up to 33 (E6013) electrodes on a single charge.

In AMP+ Hybrid mode, the Renegade Volt supplements AC mains power with battery power. Prevent nuisance trips on smaller breaker sizes or provide more output when welding on 120V input.

ESAB Renegade Volt ES 200i is a powerful welder that offers the highest arc quality with special features. Including hot start, arc force, memory storage and cellulosic mode (6010) to optimise performance based on applications or user preference.

Connects to 120V/230V primary power and provides a maximum welding output of 200A when connected to 230V. Additionally, Renegade Volt has an exclusive AMP+ Hybrid Mode. That supplements mains power with battery power to mitigate nuisance circuit breaker tripping.

Renegade Volt weighs 24.5kg including the batteries and battery box. With just the power source and battery box weighing at 19kg. A four-post fast charger (included ) charges the 12 Ah batteries from zero to full charge in about 100 minutes.

Cordless welding that offers you. Industrial design is perfect for in-field welding, affordable alternatives, and ultimate flexibility. what more could you ask for?

To take full advantage of these machines, our team can help you with full technical advice and show you this brand-new welding machine. Get in touch with our team for full technical MMA welding advice and get a demo to see just what this machine can do.

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