Bessey Clamps are made in Germany and have a full range of welding clamps, Screw clamps and claw clamps. All competitively priced and last a lifetime with spare parts available on all clamps.

Bessey is one of the world’s leading manufactures when it comes to professional hand tools in the clamping and cutting technology industry. With many years of innovation and quality Bessey has built their selves into being able to offer specialist dealers a broad range of standard and special tools for wood and metal processing and a high level of service.

Precision and long life are at the core of Bessey brand’s quality. The tools have traditionally been manufactured from the highest-grade materials and are all tested by experienced technicians and development engineers using ultramodern process control techniques.

All Steel Lever Clamps


Quick Action One Handed Welding Clamp


CDFC Forged C-Clamps


SLV Long Bar Clamp Complete Set


Claw Clamps


Welders Angle Clamps


GS Classix All-steel Screw Clamps


GSM High Performance Welding Clamp