Clamping force up to 8,500 N, up to 5x faster than regular clamps, vibration resistant 

BESSEY Lever Clamps provide faster, more efficient, secure clamping. Handy, lightweight, robust and torsion resistant. Surface Hardened, drawn profiled steel, tempered and galvanized. The Rapid Action Lever Clamp is great where multiple clamps need to be set up and taken down quickly ...the ideal clamp for high volume production.


Greater reserves of power, thanks to optimised rail profile, for even clamping force build-up, especially under maximum utilisation of the clamping range

  • Non-slip trigger release
  • Quick up to 5x faster than regular clamps
  • Secure vibration resistant
  • Strong clamping force up to 8,500N


All Steel Lever Clamps

PriceFrom £29.95
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    Weight (kg) 3.65
    B - Throat depth (mm) 120
    X - Rail (mm) 28 x 11
    A - Opening (mm) 1250
    Clamping Force kN (up to) 6,000 N