Our TruTIG Ceramic guides the inert gas to provide an inert atmosphere for the weld pool.  54N15 Ceramic Bore has been designed and manufactured to withstand extreme heat throughout the welding process. The shielding gas is also necessary to prevent air coming in contact with the tungsten electrode as it would burn out immediately.



Our whole TruTIG range has been manufactured by ourselves with the highest standard in mind. With our extensive knowledge on welding equipment, we have designed a whole range for TIG, MIG and Arc welding.


  • Alumina ceramic Nozzle number: #7
  • Diameter 7/16” 11mm
  • Suitable for use with WP18 series water-cooled TIG welding torches, WP17 and WP26 series air cooled TIG welding torches.

TruTIG 54N15 Ceramic 7/16” 11mm

SKU: TR35-54N15