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Why choose our flat-handle cutting torch?

Updated: Oct 5

Why would you buy anything else? The flat-handle cutting torches are built to last with a lifetime warranty. Not only are these cutting torches quality to get the job done but they are fully repairable.

What do you need to know?

There are two basic forms of hand cutting, the NM (Nozzle Mix) in which the fuel gas and oxygen are mixed in the nozzle and the Universal where the gases are mixed in the cutting torch head. Both versions can come as a press-to-cut or release-to-cut option.

Why would you buy anything else?

1. Fully Repairable

Our flat-handle cutting torch is fully repairable meaning it will last you a lifetime. During this process, our team carries out a visual inspection to check for damages and possible repairs. Any damaged components are removed and repaired rebuilt and tested before getting sent back out to you.

2. Wide range of lengths

Not long enough for your needs? Don’t worry we have a wide range of lengths available including custom sizes if required don’t get your job done. Our standard sizes are 18”, 27” and 36” available with us producing special sizes to 3 metres.

3. British Made

We are proud that these fantastic cutting torches are made in Britain at our factory in York and are built to last. The UK’s only manufacturer of cutting torches and nozzles.

4. Acetylene & Propane Nozzles

This cutting torch can be used with Acetylene or Propane nozzles.

Key Features:

  • British Made.

  • Lifetime Warranty.

  • Manufactured under BS EN ISO 9001.

  • Conforms to EN ISO 5172.

  • Can be used with Acetylene & Propane nozzles.

  • Available in Press to Cut or Release to Cut.

Repairing a cutting torch:

1. All Products in for repair must be booked in before carrying out any work. After being booked in the first stage it is to give the equipment a visual inspection. Inspect the head of the burning torch for damage and remove it if required.

2. After removing the head if damaged. Straighten the tubes and shot blast the tips off the tubes to remove any contamination that will cause brazing issues.

3. Fit new head as per the customer's spec and braze using M10T 1.5mm. Silver solder and then slowly cool.

4. Remove all components using correct size spanners (no adjustable) Shot blast the torch and all components.

5. After shot blasting all equipment must be blown out using breathable compressed air to remove any loose shot material and then taken to the clean room for assembly.

6. Clean out valve port threads using a 7/16 x 26TPi Brass Tap. Inlets recut using a 3/8 BSP dies. These need to be replaced if the threads are damaged or the coned seat is damaged.

7. Fit new cutting Oxygen valve PTC or RTC. Only use genuine components.

8. All O-rings are to be lubricated with Christo-Lube MCG 111 (MDS attached) Strip down the control valves and clean the rebuild. Both valves seat are to be lubricated with MCG 111.

9. Underwater test both pre-heat valves and cutting oxygen valves for any leaks. If leaks are found remove the faulty valve system, check for any sight damage and replace it.

10. If any valves don’t seal the cutting torch needs to be replaced. Once you have established the valves are closing 100% fit the torch with a blanking off nozzles and completely submerge under water.

11. Clean out both internal and external threads on the head.

12. Test the vacuum on the gas

13. And Bag.

Why would you buy anything else with this lifetime guarantee cutting torch?

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