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Stike gold with ESAB Goldrox

Updated: Jun 7, 2023

This month it’s all about the ESAB Goldrox electrode, that delivers brilliant performance for everyday stick welding. With incredible properties that help fabricators of all skill levels turn their projects into gold.

We’ve had some excellent feedback on this all-position stick electrode, it delivers brilliant performance for everyday welding applications. Stick welding also known as Shielded Metal Arc Welding is a form of welding application that uses a metal filler rod/electrode. Provide the filter material in the welding process, as the electrode melts it becomes part of the weld. Stick welding is used across many industries because it’s a versatile method compared to other welding processes.

Goldrox provides a stable arc that leaves almost no spatter and easy slag removal with minimal effort for faster clean up. Including start and restart properties that allow for easy tack welds.

Key Features:

  • Easy Arc Striking – Arc striking and re-striking are simple even with low-voltage power sources.

  • Electrodes feature better slag release saving time and money on post-weld cleanup.

  • Minimal spatter with exceptional arc stability when compared to standard 6013 electrodes.

  • Superior all-position performance whether welding flat, horizontal, vertical or overhead.

  • OK Goldrox electrodes will help you get virtually any job done well.

Another reason we like the ESAB OK Goldrox, they are available in different package sizes, all fully recyclable to make sure each pack fits specific job requirements.

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