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Get to Work with the Best: Top 5 Welding Machines for Your Next Project in 2024

Whether you're looking for a new heavy-duty power source for your workplace or just want to know the best. At Truflame we’ve put our heads together to bring you, our favourite welding machines. Perfect for different applications, including heavy duty, light duty and reliable sets.


If you're starting in the world of welding and you’re not sure what to look for. It's best to keep in mind the following:


  1. What process are you doing?

  2. What is your budget?

  3. What Amperage do you need?

  4. What kind of duty cycle do you need?

  5. What power supply do you have?

What Welding Process are you using?


TIG Welding. This is a popular arc welding process for smooth applications. It's one of the toughest to master, standing for Tungsten Inert Gas. Electric arc burns between the non-melting tungsten electrode and the workpiece.


MIG Welding. MIG stands for Metal Inert Gas that is an easier process to master than other applications. MIG also known as wire welding is an arc welding process. Where a continuous wire electrode is fed through a welding gun and into the weld puddle. Joining the two materials together.


MMA Welding. Known stick welding uses an electric current and rod at the welding pool. The rod of the materials is usually covered in flux also known as an electrode or filler. It has an electric current that passes through the rod which is superheated and melts. To fill the gap between the workpieces to create a join.


What's Welding Amperage?

Amperage measures the strength of the electrical current that is measured in AMPS. The amperage depends on the thickness and type of material you’re welding.


What's Duty Cycle?

The duty cycle is how long a welding machine can perform at a specific amperage within a percentage of 10 minutes. For example, a welder rated a 40% duty cycle at 200amps. This means you can weld non-stop for 4 minutes at a 200amp output before it’ll need to cool down for 6 minutes.

Let’s find the best welding machine for your needs.

I’ve spoken to the best in the business on welding machines. They’ve given me the ranking of their favourite welding machines of 2023. For those just starting out or just looking for something new and reliable. In no particular order let’s get started:

ESAB Renegade Volt ES Welding Machine

1.  ESAB Renegade Volt ES 200i, bringing us cordless welding so we no longer have to worry about trailing cables and no easy access to AC mains power. The Volt is a portable, cordless battery-powered STICK and live TIG welder with the versatility to operate in Battery, Mains or AMP + hybrid Mode.



Voltage:                                         120/230 VAC 1, 50/60 Hz

Voltage Range:                             90 – 270 VAC

Open Circuit Voltage                   80 VDC

Power Factor at Max Current      0.99

Efficiency at Max Current            80%

Fuse Slow                                     16 A


power source +battery box        19kg

Above + Battery pack                 24.5kg


EWM Taurus 405 XQ Basic welding machine

2. EWM Taurus 405 XQ Basic is a MIG/MAG inverter welding machine with manual operating point adjustment. This welder is also capable of MMA welding, TIG welding and gouging. EWM have produced a range of true all-rounders when it comes to MIG/MAG welding.


Setting range for welding current:      5 A - 400 A

Duty cycle 40 °C:                          400 A / 60 %

350 A / 100 %

      Open circuit voltage                            82 V

      Mains voltage                                       3 x 400 V

Weight                                                  39.4 kg / 86.9 lbs


ESAB Fabricator welding machine

3. ESAB Fabricator is the perfect solution for your industrial needs. For MIG/MAG and MMA stick welding applications. Fabricator's inverter-based technology allows for better power efficiency, easier operation and better overall utility. ESAB has designed the Fabricator for maximum mobility. To ensure your job is a lot easier wherever you need it.



Voltage:                                         380-415 V 3, 50/60 Hz

MIG/MAG Welding Output:        400 A / @ 60% Duty Cycle

310 A / @ 100% Duty Cycle

     MMA Welding Output:           400 A / @ 60% Duty Cycle

310 A / 100% Duty Cycle


     w/o Cooling Unit                      107.5kg

     w/ Cooling Unit w/o coolant   111.5kg

     w/ Cooling Unit & Coolant      102.0kg

EWM Picotig Mv puls TG

4. EWM PICOTIG MV puls TG, is a gas-cooled DC TIG inverter welding machine. For clean and safe seams in forced positions and root passes. This welder has various adjustable features to make your welding a bit easier. Portability to ensure you can weld wherever you're needed with this lightweight machine. Including a comfortable shoulder strap, you can move around your workshop. Not only portable but energy-saving as well thanks to its high efficiency and standby function.


Setting range for welding current  @ 115V: 5 A - 150 A

Setting range for welding current  @ 230 V: 5 A - 200 A

Duty cycle 40°C @ 115 V:                        150 A / 35%

120 A / 60%

100 A / 100%

      Duty cycle 40° C @ 230 V                       200 A / 25%

150 A / 60%

140 A / 100%

      Open circuit voltage                                  90 V

      Mains Voltage                                           1 x 115 V

      Weight                                                      9.8Kg

ESABRustler EM Pro MIG Welding Machi

5. ESAB Rustler Em Pro MIG Welding Machine is the solution of choice for the most common welding challenges. A robust and reliable 4WD feeding mechanism delivers smooth wire feed. This power source has been loaded with the latest inverter technology. That combines low energy consumption with optimised welding performance. It's ready to weld the most common base materials with optimised arc programs for carbon steel, stainless steel, aluminium, brazing and flux-cored wires.


Voltage:                             400 V 3, 50/60 Hz

MIG Welding Output:      280 A / @ 40% Duty cycle

MMA Welding Output:    250 A / @ 40% Duty cycle

Weight:                              54kg


These are our top 5 welding machines picked especially for you. But, keep in mind

What process are you doing?

What is your budget?

What Amperage do you need?

What kind of duty cycle do you need?

What power supply do you have?


Before choosing the right machines for you. But don’t panic we pride ourselves on quality with Knowledge. All of our team are knowledgeable and can help to find the best machine for your applications. These aren’t the only great welders available, get in touch for more.


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