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Find your all-new welding experience with Tetrix XQ Welder!

Updated: Mar 21

EWM has designed and manufactured the perfect partner for professionals, the XQ series.

More digital, more universal, and more personal. This includes the Tetrix XQ welder which creates an all-new welding experience. Tetrix is equipped with the best controls for your best welding!

At EWM they know that the perfect welding starts with the right settings, and we couldn’t agree more which is why we want to share with you the Tetrix XQ.

EWM Tetrix XQ Welding helmet

This welder gives you every option available for individualised work at the highest level whether you’re using the tried and tested COMFORT 3.0 or the new EXPERT 3.0 Textrix XQ not just anyone’s, yours.

EWM have been developing their machines throughout the years to align with your needs. Using their mass of experience and knowledge this has led to the new XQ series. The innovative XQ technology with Power Factor Correction (PFC) enables high-performance welding technology with a current of up to 230A directly from a single phase 230V power socket for the best welding results you’ve ever achieved.

TIG DC inverter welding machine of the latest generation, with TIG DC and TIG pulse including activArc® and spotArc®. Not only a quality welding machine but energy-saving as well thanks to its high efficiency and standby function.

EWM have packed their welding machines to the brim with features and functions perfect for your welding applications.

Key Features:

EWM Tetrix XQ Welding Machine
  • Connection capability for remote control and function torch.

  • Simple, tool-free reversal of the welding polarity.

  • Earth fault monitoring (PE protection)

  • Splash-proof as per IP23.

  • flexFit casing system: Many accessory parts and options can be fixed to the welding machine using conventional slot nuts.

  • LED information bar: Indicates the current operating status.

  • Optional network connectivity with Ewm Xnet software via LAN or WiFi gateway.

  • PC interface for PC300 XQ software.

  • The high 1500 W cooling capacity, high-performance centrifugal pump and 8-litre coolant tank make for excellent torch cooling, resulting in cost savings on consumables.

What’s new?

New Cooling System.

Have developed a new cooling system to keep your welding torch well cool even under the heaviest loads. Having an excellent cooling capacity and integrated flow and temperature monitoring. The perfect addition to your new Tetrix XQ welder even at high currents and long durations.

Let’s get technical!


OW Expert 3.0

Tetrix XQ 400 Puls DC W EX 5P

Setting Range for welding current

3A – 400A

Duty Cycle 40°C

​400A / 80%

370A / 100%

Open Circuit Voltage


Mains Voltage

3 x 400V


​-25% up to +20%

Mains Frequency

​50 Hz / 60 Hz

Recommended Generator Power


Cooling Capacity at 1 l/min

1000 W

Pump Pressure

3.5 bar

Tank Capacity


Protection Classification


EMC Class


Dimensions (LxBxH)

1150mm x 678mm x 972mm

45.3inch x 26.7inch x 38.3 inch





IEC 60974-1, -2, -3 and -10 CL.A

Take a look for yourself. Or see our full range of Tig welding machines here?

At Truflame we are aiming to provide quality with knowledge, if you want more information or any help on what would be the best welding machine for your needs or team are here to help.

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