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5 Reasons why we use Rotabroach Magnetic drilling machines.

Updated: Aug 24, 2023

At Truflame we promise quality with knowledge and Rotabroach products have developed through years of experience and engineering capabilities. They specialise in producing the most effective tools to get the job done. Proudly manufactured in Sheffield just up the road from us in the Steel City where they have designed, developed, and produced quality equipment including magnetic drills.

A mag drill is a specialist piece of kit that has been designed to drill holes in steel and other metals. This is a power tool that includes a magnetic base to stabilise the drill to cut through the material and can be used with various tools:

  • Annular cutters; Both HSS, TCT & Special Geometry rail cutters

  • Twist drills

  • Taps

  • Reamers

  • Countersinks

These are used to ensure you can get the job done without having to drag your metal application into workshops. Magnetic drilling machines we offer are portable to give you the ability to get the job done on-site making it perfect for industries such as the rail industry, building & construction, steel fabrication and shipbuilding shops.

1. Extreme Precision

Rotabroach’s mag drills are designed and developed to tackle everyday drilling from the smallest cutter size 10mm to 100mm up to 100mm depth.

They’ve innovated with CutSmart technology that ensures long-lasting machine life without compromising on the power or speed of cutting. With precise readings, strain is immediately reduced for faster, smarter work without signs of weakness

2. Strong Grip

The Rotabroach magnetic drilling machines have a powerful magnetic grip to ensure they can stick to your chosen metal surface. And are strong enough to tackle your heavy project workload. That will give you unstoppable power and portability at height or on rigs.

3. Small in size

Rotabroach has developed its range around small but mighty magnetic drills that promise all the power of a workbench mainstay with easier portability. These machines are tough, reliable, and robust against the hardest metals, housing powerful motors with speed versatility in a compact design. Using this lightweight technology makes it useful for multiple sectors including ships, bridges, oil rigs and further.

4. Portability

Rotabroach has designed the perfect magnetic drilling machine to make your life easier. With the ability to move where ever your applications need, they have been designed with this in mind and reflect this with all lightweight drills.

5. Power

We know Rotabroach pride itself on the power to cut metal and has created a series of magnetic drills to back this up. They’ve designed their products to give you the strength to drill through the hardest materials on the market with continuing development and growth using the challenge of new problems and cutting-edge technologies to produce solutions.

With Truflame we want to prioritise Quality with Knowledge and working with Rotabroach helps us do this with your magnetic drilling needs. Having developed the perfect platform to deliver superior solutions for your cutting requirements. Discover just what you need to solve your cutting issues

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