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Reflex is the original Great British manufacturer of building trolleys to a square tube formation for strength. They have been a trolley manufacturer since 1981 providing a range to suit customers’ needs.

Reflex also produces industrial cylinder trolleys that can be adopted to take any gas cylinder dimensions or also can develop new models to their range moving the company into the future.

Manufacturers of:
• Cylinder Trolleys / Gas Bottle Trolleys
• Cylinder Cages
• Cylinder Stands and Wall brackets
• Flatbed Trolleys
• Medical Trolleys
• Space Heater Cages
• Propane Heater Guards
• Kerosene Heater Guards
• Portable Generator Guards
• Air Compressor Cages
• Miscellaneous cages for storage and safety purposes.

Trolley manufacturer that prides itself in Great British manufacturing as well as being able to develop new models to Reflex trolleys range.

Get in touch with our team for more information about the equipment we can offer you. 

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