TruGas - Gas cylinders provided by Truflame Welding Equipment

TruGas - Gas Hire

In 2021 Truflame partnered with gas distribution company BUSE gases, a German-based company with over 130 years of experience with leading supplies in both industrial and speciality gas markets with high-quality products. We have employed a specialist within the gas industry to provide high-quality service for our customers with safety at the forefront of our minds. 

Not only have we introduced gas hire to our Truflame customers but have developed a TruGas mobile app to ensure easy order and return process so you can get your gas with a few clicks of a button. See your previous orders, pricing and contact your account manager directly. 

With this we have available the following gases: 


Interested in getting gas from us? 

Contact us and ask for Chris Lee to open your TruGas account.