Basic, thin-coated AC/DC electrode providing excellent mechanical properties. The electrode ensures fully penetrated root passes, even under adverse conditions. Low moisture content coating and high resistance to moisture re-absorption.

Filarc 56S Vac Pac 450mm

SKU: TR25-ESAB Filarc 56S
  • Typical Charpy V-Notch Properties

    Impact Value Testing Temperature
    As Welded Aws
    -45 degC
    As Welded Iso
    150 J -45 degC
    140 J -50 degC

    Typical Tensile Properties

    Condition As Welded As Welded
    Shielding Gas AWS ISO
    Tensile Strength   550 MPa
    Yield Strength   470 MPa
    Elongation   30 %


    Classifications SFA/AWS A5.1 : E7016-1 H4 R
    EN ISO 2560-A : E 42 5 B 1 2 H5


    Approvals ABS 3YH5
    BV 3YH5
    CE EN 13479
    DB 10.105.15
    DNV-GL 4 YH5
    LR 4Y40H5
    RS 4Y42H5
    Seproz UNA 272581
    VdTÜV 03012
    Approvals are based on factory location. Please contact ESAB for more information.

    Consumable Characteristics

    Alloy Type Carbon manganese
    Coating Type Basic covering
    Diffusible Hydrogen < 4.0 ml/100g
    Welding Current AC, DC+(-)

    Typical Weld Metal Analysis %

    Typical Weld Metal Analysis %
    C Mn Si
    0.06 % 1.3 % 0.4 %